the potter

Oh hello! I'm Brin Steeves, the lady behind Oil & Birch Ceramics. 

As of 2020 this creative venture is my full time work, thanks to people like you buying and sharing my work. I can't express how much your ongoing support means to me, I never imagined paying my bills with ceramics!

I'm an advocate and previous social worker. I spent 8 years serving and growing in Edmonton's inner city, working closely with Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+ and youth communities.  I spent a couple years as an outreach social worker and a couple running a visual art studio, offering therapeutic art programming for young people experiencing homelessness, crisis, addiction, mental health struggles, systemic oppression, etc. Every person I worked with helped me as much as I've helped them, and I'll continue to do what I can to serve those communities. My trauma informed practice is what inspires my strengths-based ceramics and merch - striving to help others see their super powers.

Another core part of my identity is being a active member of Edmonton's Queer, art, tattoo, and music communities. Plus I've been a painter for over 16 years, and a potter for 8! 

Thanks for being here!